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Frankenstein is seriously so dumb I can't.

Frankenstein knows so much about science and reviving dead body parts to a living creature, but how come he's so dim-witted when it comes to human nature? 

When he didn't keep his end of the deal with the monster I knew he was going to screw up. I mean, the monster was pretty generous in offering the deal to leave the human world in exchange for another companion of same species. It just wants to have a company, and yet Frankenstein changes his mind and denies the monster of one friend. That's fine. But after the monster kills Williams and Clerval, it's darn obvious who the next target is going to be. But our dear protagonist still thinks that he is going to be killed and arms himself. I mean, srsly? WTF. Why would you not give your gun to your wife, Elizabeth? Hello? Am I the only one who can predict the monster's next logical step is to kill Frankenstein's "dear, beloved" Elizabeth? I pity Frankenstein, but at the same time he totally brought it all upon himself. He is just dumb. He should have stayed the hell away from people he loved once he learned that the monster is on a killing spree for Frankenstein's closest people. Why would you marry Elizabeth in the first place??? I mean Elizabeth kind of hinted that she doesn't really mind not marrying you. Urghhh.. I sympathize with the monster more than Frankenstein because at least the monster tried everything he can to earn people's favor, but failed, whereas Frankenstein did NOTHING to prevent deaths of his closest people and dared to feel sorry and desolate about his misfortunes. 

"But it is your happiness I desire as well as my own, when I declare to you that our marriage would render me eternally miserable (Elizabeth)"

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley